Our universe began with the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. In the early universe it was the world of very high energy. As the universe cooled, elementary particles, which make all material, were generated and atoms such as hydrogen or helium were produced. And celestial bodies such as stars and galaxies were born after the time of hundreds of millions of years. Various elements and materials were produced by the activity of the celestial body. In addition, on Earth, life will occur, there are us today.

In other words, things around us are from the same origin including our own. However, you will notice that each object around us  has various features and characteristics. Is there undiscovered nature in the object? Further, can we produce materials with new properties?

The purpose of our research is elucidating nature of the material and investigating the mechanism how to exhibit the properties. In addition, we have also studied to make materials with superior features with its properties.

In our lab., there are the broadly divided two study fields.

Thin film

By vacuum vapor deposition or by sputtering techniques, we have prepared semiconductor thin films and semiconductor nano-wires and nano-particles. We have been investigating their microstructure. Continue reading


Growth of the single crystal, study of the phase transition mechanism and investigation of static/dynamic charactor of the domain structure on the ferroelectrics have been done. Continue reading