Thin film

By vacuum vapor deposition or by sputtering techniques, we have prepared semiconductor thin films and semiconductor nano-wires and nano-particles. We have been investigating their microstructure. In addition, we are conducting research on gas sensors using them. Further, we have studied how the thin film will be deposited by simulation and experiments, and have discussed how the sensor material detects a gas. We have conducted a basic research that is required when using the material such as an electronic device.


vacuum vapor deposition, sputtering technique, erosion, adsorption, absorption storage, catalyst, fine structure, thin film, nanomaterial, nanoparticle, nanowire, oxide semiconductor, solid electrolyte, composite oxide, electric device, (hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxide) gas sensor, high-temperature material, fluorescence material, tin oxide (SnO2), tungsten oxide (WO3), zinc oxide, titanium oxide, scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, volumetric gas adsorption apparatus,

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