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Our laboratory was abolished

Actually, in March 2018, our basic materials group has disappeared from organizations of the university.

Since the website has been had unexpected lots accesses, I have left them although a university’s administration section suggests that we should annihilate old information. But I have to delete various things from now on.

I feel like I can have a virtual laboratory, so I’d like to decide to put a laboratory in this virtual space for a while …

whether “abolish” is appropriate or not…


Ferroelectricity is a property which material of ferroelectrics has. The material has polarization that can be reversed by application of an external electric field. The polarization of the material in the state that an external electric field does not be applied to it is called spontaneous polarization or remanent/remnant polarization. Though pyroelectric material also has the spontaneous polarization, it has no ferroelectricity because polarity of the polarization cannot be reversed by an external electric field. The material with ferroelectricity combines pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties.
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